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Doctor Mortgages

A Doctor Mortgage is very simply mortgages for doctors. Doctor mortgages are used for qualified, registered and practicing Doctors in the whole of the UK including England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Mortgages for Doctors is a specialist area that requires the asisatnce of a qualified professional


We understand the medical profession and alos the often complex remuneration for Doctors who work privately or in the National Health Service or those who work for both. Doctors requiring mortgages need to ensure that they can afford the loan repayments as an sensible lender will want to make sure this is also the case. It if often true that doctors may rely on on some self employeed earnings as well to find a loan figure and we can helkp with this

Mortgages for Doctors – NHS Practice

Doctors are renumerated by the National HEalth Serivce in banded earnings and lenders can often think these bands as not guarenteed earnings or over time. A sensible advisor with skill and expertise in the industry can work with lmortgage lenders to laiaise with under writers for you to ensure this is not the case. We appreciate that time is precios for doctors and our aim is to make life simple for you working on your timescales and smoothing the whole process through to get your mortgage or remortgage quickly.

Mortgages for Doctors – Private Practice

Standard mortgage income multipliers used to clarify the net income of a Doctor dont always work, as they dcan't accuratelyreflect a doctor’s real earnings potential. We liase with a of significant number of medical professionals including  Professors, Senior registrars and Junior House Doctors to get them the mortgage they need.

We have made mortgages for doctors is a specialist area with a premium service.

As a busy doctor we know that you don't always have the time to be searching for the best deals on you mortgage and also that you understand the value of professional advice. All our mortgage advisers have expertise in finding the best deal for doctor.

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