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Capped Rate Mortgage

A capped rate mortgage is very enticing to new borrowers who need a little bit of added security. It is a variation on the standard interest and repayment mortgage. With a capped rate mortgage there is a maximum limit set on the amount of interest you will have to pay over a set period. The interest rate that you have to pay on a capped rate mortgage goes up and down in the same way as a normal interest and repayment mortgage however the interest rate will not go over a certain amount - this is your cap. This means you get the benefits of a variable mortgage combined with the safety of know what your maximum payments may be.

There are limited capped rate mortgage deals on the market place so a capped rate mortgage broker is best placed to help you find the most competitive capped rate mortgage available.

Our Capped Rate Mortgage Brokers can advise you on

  • Low rate capped rate mortgages
  • Specialist capped rate deals
  • Bad credit capped rate mortgages
  • Capped rate remortgages

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