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With few bad credit mortgage products to choose from a qualified mortgage broker can help you make the right choice

Bad Credit Mortgage

A bad credit mortgage is where you are currently looking to get a mortgage for a property but for some reason the lender feels that your credit score is not good enough to obtain a standard mortgage. This could be for a number of reasons for example if you have missed a loan or credit card payment in the past 12 months then that could mean you need an bad credit mortgage. Don't worry if you think you need an bad credit mortgage as there are now many bad credit mortgage deals available. The number of bad credit mortgage lenders has increased massivly over the past couple of years. The are now specialist bad credit mortgage brokers and bad credit mortgage best buy tables. There are even many different types of category from bad credit mortgage such as light bad credit mortgage, feather light bad credit mortgage, standard bad credit mortgage and heavy bad credit mortgage. An bad credit mortgage broker will be able to tell you which category is right for you and which lender is the best choice for you. By completing the short form below we will put you in contact with a broker who specialises in bad credit mortgage.

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