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Get Rid of your mortgage early
Debt levels rise – but at a slower rate than before.  A new report from Credit Action shows that every single adult in the country owes £30,840 including ..
10th July 2009

Green Roots of Recovery
Things are getting easier for mortgage holders and people looking to move house according to the bank of England..........
26th June 2009

Fixed Rate mortgages on the rise
Fixed rate mortgages are on the rise.  For months mortgage rates for fixed rate mortgages have been at record lows with some less than 3%
15th June 2009

Abbey will not disappear completely
The Abbey mortgage name will not disappear from the UK mortgage market completely Santander confirmed yesterday..........
29th May 2009

The Lowest mortgage costs since 2004
Both Home owners and first time buyers are benefiting from the lowest cost of borrowing money to own a home since 2004.........
15th May 2009

Base rate held but for how long?
The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee has decided to hold interest rates at 0.5% for the second month.....................
8th May 2009

Woolwich to increase mortgage lending
Barclays via its Woolwich mortgages brand has announced today that it plans to increase its mortgage lending by £5.5bn in 2009...........
24th April 2009

Mortgage Lenders Start Returning
Mortgage lenders have started to return to the market with competitive deals at realistic loan to values...........
27th March 2009

Housing interest up 20%
The NAEA reported a 20% increase in enquiries last month. The figures are also supported by property..........
13th March 2009

The Bank of Engalnd cuts interest rates to lowest level ever
The Bank of England has cut interest rates to 0.5% this is the lowest level in the 315 year history of the bank. On the same day the ............
5th March 2009

Coventry building society relaunches 100% mortgages
The Coventry building society has reintroduced 100% mortgages for its exisitng mortgage customers. The 100% mortgage once avalible from many lenders has been completely removed from the market untill this week.
27th Ffebruary 2009

Estate Agents report sales are up in January
Estate agents have reported that sales are up in January against the autum period.....
13th February 2009

Bank cuts interst rate to 1%
The Bank of England has cut interest rates to 1%..........
5th February 2009