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Bristol tops house price increase
Bristol has topped the growth chats as it sees the biggest rise in house prices in 2007 according to mortgage broker ....
31st December 2007

First time buyers glimpse buying opportunity
First Time Buyers in the UK have had a very tough time over the past few years ....
30th September 2007

250k plus mortgages increase
With property prices forever going upwards in the UK you may find yourself ....
15th September 2007

Mortgages switchers after more cash
Amongst the many reasons for remortgaging the most popular reason given to MortgageBroker.co.uk in a recent poll ....
23rd August 2007

Mortgages getting cheaper
The cost of fixed rate mortgages have started to come down in recent weeks as the anticipation of base rate reductions next year appears ....
15th August 2007

Interest rates stay on hold
The Bank of England chose to hold the cost of borrowing at a rate of 5.75% ....
3rd August 2007

Mortgage Customers prefer Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage customer are more likely to have found their lender through a mortgage broker than through any other method ....
2nd August 2007

Mortgage broker declare Branson top role model
A survey of over 200 mortgage brokers by mortgage broker .co.uk has found that the most popular role model for them was Richard Branson ....
12th July 2007

House Pricing Continues to Increase
The annual rate of house prices in the UK this year has risen to 11.1% up from 10.3% in May ....
30th June 2007

Moneysupermarket take on 25 new mortgage brokers
Online price comparison has made an unusual move in doubling its number of inhouse mortgage brokers from 25 to just over 50 mortgage brokers ....
26th June 2007

Blair's mortgage legacy
After 10 years of Tony Blair we look to see what the impact has been for the mortgage market and for home owners ....
20th June 2007

Rent increases bolster buy to let
Rental income on a typical buy to let property has increased by 6.5% over the past quarter according to ....
11th June 2007

Mortgage Brokers Conservative by nature
Research into the political persuasion of mortgage brokers in the UK has revealed that a significant majority ....
6th June 2007

House prices set to rise again this year
International economists have indicated that house prices are set for another increase this year in the UK. This comes ....
25th May 2007

Mortgage Broker launches new website
Today MortgageBroker.co.uk announces the launch of its new web site. This site was created by industry maestros ....
1st May 2007