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Advantage Mortgage products were made available only through qualified mortgage brokers who can still help you make the right choice

Advantage Mortgage

advantageAdvantage Mortgages is the lender of Morgan Stanley. Advantage mortgages are only available through an Advantage mortgage broker as they do not deal directly with the public. Advantage ceased trading in February 2008 so no longer offer mortgages. There were many Advantage mortgage products available in the market. Advantage particuarly used to market the following types of mortgage:

  • the Advantage right to buy mortgage
  • the Advantage shared equity mortgage
  • the Advantage Home Buy scheme

Advantage based their lending decision on affordability rather than income multiples making it an ideal lender for certain situations. If you want to find the best deals similar to advantage mortgage quotes and compare advantage mortgage deals to those of other lenders then please use the form below to be put in contact with an impartial mortgage broker who can get the best rate advantage product for you. They will be able to get you information on all the low rate advantage mortgage products and produce for you an acurate advantage mortgage best buy table.

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