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"You can't get better than FREE and within a few days of signing up we had regular leads that we hadn't had to pay for - now there's a refreshing change."

Simon Jones

Are you a mortgage broker?

If you work for a UK based company that is authorised and regulated by the FSA then you can get a FREE listing on our site.

Advertising on Mortgage Broker

Advertising on mortgagebroker.co.uk offers a cost effective advertising solution to those looking to promote themselves both locally and nationally. We have both free advertising and paid for advertising.

Why advertise with us?

MortgageBroker.co.uk is a site is well placed to gain users who are looking for mortgage brokers rather than just browsing the internet and wanting to find a deal directly with a lender. Also the reason you found us is likely because we rank highly in Google, Yahoo and MSN for a number of terms including ‘Mortgage Broker’.

We promote this site on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN and have achieved high rankings across a wide range of terms.

Online advertising has seen massive growth over recent years as more and more companies look for a way to capitalise on the serge of internet use. There are now 39 million people in the UK who are online (71% of the population). The financial services sector is one of the fastest growing areas on the internet with consumers feeling more and more comfortable researching financial products and services online.

We optimise thousands of keywords to drive quality traffic to our site to ensure that our advertisers are satified with results.  

How We Compare

With many different options when it comes to advertising platforms how do we compare?

Advertising Medium: Local National Cost Visibility
Local Phone Book Yes No High 12 Months
Local Newspaper Yes No High 1-7 Days
Direct Mail Yes Yes Low Minutes
TV/Radio Yes Yes High Minutes
MortgageBroker.co.uk Yes Yes Low 12 Months

MortgageBroker.co.uk can provide an advertisement to cover the whole UK or a single town and best of all your listing remains online for a full 12 months. When you look at the cost of advertising on our site against more traditional forms of advertising there is no comparison, our standard listing is priced at just £9.99 per month.

If our directory does not have a page for your city then we will add one at no additional cost.

Basic Listing : FREE

This is our free basic listing and displays your companies name, address and phone number. In order to benefit from a free listing we ask that you provide a link to us from the footer of your company website. In order to provide value to users of your web site this link will allow customers to check your entry on the FSA Register.

Click here to see an example basic free listing

2 simple steps to get your free listing:

1. Add this button to your website.


You should change XXX to your FSA number to bring up the correct entry whent he button is clicked.

2. Email your company details to freelisting@mortgagebroker.co.uk

Your entry will be live within 24 hours.

Standard Listing : £9.99 / month

Drive extra traffic to your website and phone with our Standard Listing.
This type of listing enhances your basic free listing with a phone number, email address and a direct link to your website which as well as driving traffic to the site directly will have the additional benefit of increasing your websites ranking in popular search enginees.

The Standard Listing is guaranteed to appear above all free listings.

Click here to see an example Standard Listing

Premium Listing : £19.99 / month

A Mortgage Broker Premium listing literally puts you at the head of the pack. Be seen in the UKs favourite broker directoryThe Premium Listing enables you to benefit most from the traffic coming through the Mortgage Broker site. This type of listing is our premium advertisement and allows you to be displayed on the first page of results in your particular area.

Key Features include:

  • Guaranteed to be above all other listing types 
  • Large Company logo (120x120 Pixels)
  • Business name and address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email link
  • Website link
  • One line of descriptive text

The Premium Listing is restricted to a maximum of three advertisers in any one town or city. Please check the site for availability.

Click here to see an example Premium Listing

Listing Comparison


Features: Premium Standard Listing Basic Listing
Guaranteed First Page Listing Yes    
Business Logo (120px x 120px) Yes    
Business Description Yes    
Email Link Yes Yes  
Direct Website Link Yes Yes  
Phone Number Yes Yes  
Basic Company Details Yes Yes Yes